About Us

In 2008 a young Nigerian/ Brazilian woman named Linda Fashakin nee Ajileye planted a seed of fabrics and pattern ideas she had while living in Boston, MA.
She started a clothing company called Cokaigne (cKg) which means land of plenty, land of luxurious living.

cKg represents the free spirited woman, confident and daring. The woman who does not adhere to the social norms of society, the rebel and the feminist.

This in retrospect inspires the twenty-something to forty-something women to take their wardrobe to the next level (quality) and exude their artistic
originality creating confidence and individuality.

A day in the life of the cKg woman: 25 year old Sky who is an instagram influencer, she is free spirited and loves to travel the world which is part of her
job being an influencer...
Our brand appeals to the girl next door, the goofy, the wild and the flower child. A woman who wakes up in the morning ready for a run with her dogs Gozi,
Indie and Roscoe. Always on the run with a cup of coffee in hand, she fantasizes about Axle the nerd in IT.

The cKg collection is packed with beautiful colourful patterns they're Inspired from West African and South American prints and culture.
cKg believes in quality and has a very strong and beautiful cultural aesthetic,
the cKg woman stands out but no two cKg woman looks the same they are their own person.